Listed below are typical or commonly stocked items available for sale. This listing does not guarantee immediate availability, however the likelihood of immediate availability is high. Staub Metals also has at any given time substantial amounts and varieties of special ordered inventory that does not appear on this listing. This entire special ordered inventory has a pending sale from a customer, however changing conditions with our customers sometimes allow for this material to be sold elsewhere. In addition, our processing capabilities allow for an almost unlimited amount of alternative sizes. All members of our sales staff have been well trained and are very knowledgeable and courteous. So please, if you do not see what you need, as a Staub Metals representative for help because they are trained to regularly suggest creative alternatives or provide helpful referrals to fill your requirement.


Galvanized Sheets are continuously hot dip coated with a durable protective coating of zinc.  Can be formed without flaking or peeling.  Stamping, cold drawing, double seaming and brake or roll forming will not impair their protective qualities.  Can be welded and soldered.  G90 is generally considered the standard commercial coating.  G90 coating weight is .90 oz per square foot.  G60 and other coatings may be available.


Low carbon – Commercial Quality – Closer thickness tolerances and better surface than pickled and oiled.  The matte finish is ideal for paints, enamels and lacquers.  Soft enough to bend flat on itself in any direction without cracking – ductile enough for many moderate drawing applications.  Can be electroplated.  Light oil protects surface from rust.  Conforms to ASTM-A-1008.  Maximum carbon content .10 for improved welding and forming.  End uses:  refrigerators, ranges, washing machines, auto and truck bodies, signs, panels, shelving, furniture and stamped parts.


Aluminized is sheet steel hot dip coated on both sides with aluminum silicon alloy by the coninuous method.  Has an attractive satin finish.  It provides the best qualities of aluminum and steel by resisting corrosion and providing strength at a low cost.  The weight of aluminum coating applied to both sides of the sheet is approximately .40 oz per square foot, providing a coating of about .001″ of aluminum per side.  Resists non-atmospheric corrosion up to 1250°F and reflects as much as 80% of incident radiation heat up to 900°F.  Can be subjected to moderate forming spinning and drawing without peeling and flaking of the coating.  Conforms to A463 coating T1-40.  Applications include crop dryers, dry kiln fan walls, dryers, incinerators, mufflers, oven and space heater components.


Galvannealed Sheets are heat treated after coating to produce zinc-iron alloy and eliminate the spangle.  Can be painted without further surface preparation except for normal cleaning.  May be subject to bending and simple forming without impairing its paintability or corrosion resistance.  Particularly suited for sign boards, metal doors and partitions, truck and trailer bodies, heater and furnace parts, etc.  The coating weights are A40 and A60.


Electro-Galvanized sheets are cold-rolled steel sheets zinc coated by electrolytic disposition and conform to ASTM-A591.  Should be painted if subject to outdoor exposure.  The coating has a uniform dull gray matte appearance without the spangles normally present on hot dipped galvanized.  Can be formed, rolled or stamped without flaking, powdering, peeling or cracking.  Electrogalvanized sheets have same gauge thickness as cold rolled sheets.  Particulaly suited for cabinets, signs, light fixtures, etc. where an excellent finish is required.

GalXC ASTM-A-653

GalXC material is a hot dipped galvanized sheet product that has a coating weight under G30.  It is temper passed to provide an ultra smooth surface that has an attractive “out of this world” look and feel.  Not only does the product have superior surface quality, but GalXC’s sheet or coil flatness is world class.  GalXC does not discolor or absorb finger prints when touched, and has excellent conductive properties.  Formability characteristics have been developed by a team of our technical experts to meet the critical demands of the computer component and chassis markets. As an added bonus, our new product has at least 1.5 times the corrosion resistance of ASTM A591 electrogalvanized steel.  It may be an alternative to current products supplying the high tech industry.


Bonderized product has a thin layer of zinc phosphate on the surface of the sheet.  Bonderized material has two key characteristics: It is a solderable product and it provides a surface to which paint will readily adhere. It is typically used in rainwater goods.


AZ50 coating is generally used for roofing and siding applications, as well as rainwater goods.  These applications require the heavier coating due to the corrosive nature of atmospheric conditions.  The aluminum provides additional barrier protection that will help in more corrosive atmospheres such as a marine environment. 


Low Carbon, Commercial Steel – A low cost steel sheet, soft enough to bend flat on itself in any direction without cracking, ductile enough for shallow drawing.  Carbon is .10max for improved welding and forming. Surface has normal mill oxide.  Conforms to ASTM-A-1011.  Used for tanks, barrels, farm implements and other applications where surface finish is not critical.


Acid pickling removes mill oxide, improving surface appearance, uniformity, and finishing quality.  Paint and enamel adhere well after cleaning.  Same properties and forming characteristics as commericial steel but less wear on tooling.  Conforms to ASTM-A-1011.  Typical applications:  auto and truck parts, farm implements, tanks, stamped and roll parts, formed sections.