Environmental Policy

Staub Metals is committed to do all we can to reduce our effect on the environment.

Along with attempting to be responsible stewards of the environment, reducing the use of fuel, electricity, lumber and paper, all of which effect the environment, all are also sizeable portions of our operating expenses which we naturally desire to reduce.

The following are the areas of concern where we either have no environmental effect, or the areas where we take all possible steps to minimize our environmental effect.

Waste water,
Staub Metals uses no water in its production operation and therefore generates no wastewater.

Fumes and emittance ,
Staub Metals steel processing production equipment generates zero fumes and zero emittance.
In the material handling portion of the operation, most of our product are moved and loaded on to trucks using overhead electric cranes which generate no emissions. A smaller portion of our product is moved and loaded on to trucks using clean burning, environmental friendly propane gas.

Oils and fluids,
The operation of Staub Metals steel processing equipment does require the use of relatively small amounts of both motor oil and hydraulic fluid. After use, these oils and fluids are responsibly recycled or disposed of by a licensed certified agent.

Electrical usage,
We installed nearly a hundred skylights throughout the facility limiting our need for lighting during much of our operating ours. We also installed “cool roof technology” to further reduce electricity usage. We also installed led lighting throughout the facility to consume as little electricity as possible when lighting is necessary. Many of our lights are also on motion sensors which allows the area to go dark when no one is present.

Paper products,
Both Staub Metals office and plant operation consume paper products. All the used paper products are responsibly recycled by a licensed certified agent.

Wood products,
Virtually all steel shipped by Staub Metals to its customers is required by our customer to be shipped on some type of wooden pallet. Also, both the state of California and the U.S department of transportation have regulations which require the use of wood to safely haul steel products.
Staub Metals recycles and reuses as much wood as our customers will return to us. We constantly request the return of lumber from our customers both as a cost saving measure and to limit the unnecessary cutting down of trees. Therefore our customers can help greatly with their cooperation in this area.

Emissions from trucks hauling steel,
We have the latest model trucks with the latest technology having the lowest emission rates available today.
Beyond the trucks fuel emission reducing technology, the next best way for us to limit truck fuel emissions is twofold. First, it is best to make deliveries at times of day when traffic is light, as lighter traffic consumes less fuel. Second, we desire to ship as much product as possible to our customers in full truck load increments which thereby requires fewer shipments thereby consumes less fuel. Both of these methods are also cost saving opportunities so of course we would choose to implement them whenever possible, however they require the cooperation of our customers. We are a service provider who must deliver our products when our customer requires them and in the quantities required by our customer. We can only request our customers take these considerations in mind in to aid in the limit of our truck fuel emissions effect on the environment.