Kenneth L. Staub

President & CEO

Ken has provided continuous leadership for the company since he founded SMC in 1979. From its inception, Ken was the primary catalyst for planning, organizing and managing SMC through a period of rapid growth. As with most entrepreneurs, much of Ken’s early decision-making was intuitive and heuristic. From scratch, he has built a successful company. With the benefit of experience, Ken has realized that future growth requires greater involvement by seasoned, professional managers. His primary role now is charting the future direction for SMC and providing the framework within which the management team can grow the company in a controlled manner. This Business Plan is the first step in that process. Ken began his career in the metals business in 1975 when he joined Hokin-Katz Metals as a sales trainee. In 1976, Ken joined F&S Metals as a metals broker and rose to the position of Vice President. Ken’s initial activities as a small business owner were handling damaged steel from the docks and railroads, upgrading secondary products and then marketing as prime. Through trial and error over the next several years, Ken developed a strategy for success. His best business decision was to be one of the first customers to purchase steel from CSI in 1986 after that company was formed as a successor to Kaiser Steel in Fontana. Ken earned a B.A. from Pepperdine University in 1974 and completed the UCLA Executive Program in 1983.

  James Pelletier 

Vice President & COO